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Axoguard Nerve Cap

Axoguard Nerve Cap

Axoguard Nerve Cap

proprietary SIS matrix designed to reduce the development of symptomatic or painful neuromas

Axoguard Nerve Cap

Key Advantages:

Protects and isolates
Reduces the development of painful neuromas12

Provides a barrier from neurotrophic factors and mechanical stimulation

Vascularizes and remodels
Material gradually incorporates into patient’s own tissue, creating a physical barrier to surrounding soft tissue3,10,11

Intra-operative versatility
Ideal for anatomic areas with limited or no musculature

Alternative to historical techniques, such as burying in muscle or bone

Available in a variety of diameters

Ideal handling
End tab facilitates anchoring the device to surrounding tissue, away from the surgical incision and mechanical stimulation

Off-the-shelf option, stored at room temperature with an 18 month shelf life

At 12 weeks

reduced painful response to mechanical stimulation in a preclinical model12

Axoguard Nerve Cap


bifurcation to exhaust outgrowth

Option for no distal target

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