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Vacuum Bone Cement Mixer

Vacuum Bone Cement Mixer (Transparent Material)

The CLEANEST Bone Cement Mixer Bowl, through its optimized gearing design, allows a thorough mixing of up to 120g of bone cement of any kind under vacuum.

While keeping exposure to MMA fumes to the minimum, the surgery team effortlessly produces a cement mix that is optimized in fatigue resistance which is proven to be crucial to the long term success of a joint replacement procedure.

This latex free product is CE marked; comes in double sterile packaging and requires almost no installation before use.

Product Advantages:

  • Efficient and effortless mixing – allows longer operating time for the surgery team
  • Rotating axis paddle design – mixing from all angles to create a thorough cement mix with the least possible unmixed powder
  • Vacuum mixing – eliminates porosity in the cement mix and maximizes fatigue life of bone cement while reducing exposure to toxic fume
  • Shaped spatula and curette – exactly matches the contour of bowl and helps remove cement from the bowl without waste
  • High capacity – mixes up to 3 batches of 40g bone cement of any viscosity
  • Comes double packed and sterile
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