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Alians Elbow


Distal Humerus & Olecranon

Polyaxial Locking Fixation


Alians Elbow implants are dedicated to the fixation of fractures, osteotomies and pseudarthroses of the distal humerus and proximal ulna.

Alians Elbow


  • Pregnancy
  • Acute or chronic, local or systemic infections
  • Lack of musculo-cutaneous cover, severe vascular deficiency touching the focus
  • Insufficient bone quality preventing a good fixation of the screws into the bone
  • Muscular deficit, neurological deficiency or behavioural disorders which could submit the osteosynthesis to abnormal mechanical strains
  • Foreign body sensitivity or allergy to one of the materials used
  • Patients with mental or neurological conditions who are unwilling or incapable of following post-operative care instructions
  • Patients with poor physical condition and/or mental instability.
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