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Alians Ulna

Alians Forearm

Forearm Cutting & Compression Device

Monoaxial Locking System
Alians Forearm

Alians Forearm

The ALIANS FOREARM range of plates includes two types of plates designed for orthopaedic surgery and trauma treatment of forearm fractures:

Alians MidShaft

Alians MIdshaft

Locking plates for forearm shaft fractures

Alians Ulna

Alians Ulna

Locking plate for ulnar shortening osteotomy

Alians Midshaft

Trauma Indications:

  • Fixation of forearm shaft fractures
  • Fixation of forearm shaft non-unions

Technical Features:

  • Ø3.5mm monoaxial fixation:

    – Cortical screw (CT3.5Lxx)
    – Locking screw (SOT3.5Lxx)
    – Non-locking screw (QOT3.5Lxx)

  • 4 plates with 8, 9, 13 or 15 holes
  • Symmetrical plates
Alians MidShaft sizes

Alians Ulna

Indication for Scheduled Surgery

  • Ulnar shortening osteotomy

Technical Features:

  • Anatomically contoured implant: the edges and tips of the implant are rounded to minimize soft tissue irritation.
  • Symmetrical plate
  • Marks appearing on the implant:
    – Proximal and distal ends
    – Graduations for checking compression level

Monoaxial Fixation:

  • Ø3.5 mm cortical screw for proximal oblong slot (CT3.5Lxx)
  • Ø3.5 mm locking screw (SOT3.5Lxx)
  • Ø2.8 mm cortical screw for pre-angled central hole (CT2.8Lxx)

Self-Locking System

Alians Ulna Locking System

The threaded sections under the screw head and inside the hole have strictly the same profile:

  • Cylindrical internal thread profile
  • Cylindrical external thread profile.
Alians Ulna Locking System
  • Perfect coaptation of both profiles when locking
  • Minimum distortion or damage of the threaded section under the screw

The specific features of the Newclip Technics locking screws make the removal of implants easier.

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