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ActivMotion S-DTO

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the implants of the Activmotion S DTO range are intended for bone reconstruction of the ankle joint in adults, including fixation of fractures and osteotomies of ankle, distal tibia and fibula.


  • Serious vascular deterioration, bone devitalization
  • Pregnancy
  • Acute or chronic local or systemic infections
  • Lack of musculo-cutaneous cover, severe vascular deficiency affecting the concerned area
  • Insufficient bone quality preventing a goof fixation of the implants into the bone
  • Muscular deficit, neurological deficiency or behavioural disorders, which could submit the implant to abnormal mechanical strains
  • Allergy to one of the materials used or sensitivity to foreign bodies
  • Serious problems of non-compliance, mental or neurological disorders, failure to follow post-operative care recommendations
  • Unstable physical and/or mental condition.
ActivMotion S-DTO
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Varus Deformation

Medial Opening Plates

  • 2 offset screws for improving the mechanical features of the assembly (a).

  • Step design to optimize congruency of the plate according to the opening (b).

ActivMotion S-DTO
ActivMotion S-DTO

Anterolateral Closing Plates

  • One ramp oblong hole allowing a simple and controlled compression for closing (c) (see page 4).
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