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Copal Knee Moulds

Expertise in Septic Revision Surgery

Periprosthetic joint infections are a serious complication in endoprosthetics and present a considerable therapeutic
challenge. Two-stage revision has become established as the standard treatment. Spacers made of antibiotic-loaded
bone cement provide considerable support for the therapy.
Optimal dead space management together with preservation of joint function keeps the patient mobile and accelerates
rehabilitation. The revision procedure is made easier and the operation time is shortened.

Premuim Spacers for Optimal Results

Spacers prepared with COPAL® knee moulds have an implant-like design with an articulating bearing and high
stability. Along with preserving the range of motion, this prevents the formation of contractures and scar tissue.
The combination of the design and smooth spacer surfaces reduces the particle wear thus preventing irritation in the
adjacent tissue.

Ideal Spacers Easily & Quickly Prepared

Spacers are easy to prepare using COPAL® knee moulds:
Fill the femoral and tibial components, allow the bone cement to cure and then remove any excess cement.
Three different spacer sizes with adjustable tibial heights and an optional stem enable preparation of spacers
adapted to individual patients and their bone situation.

COPAL® knee moulds maintain a stable shape during the filling process and curing of the bone cement. This means
that the high quality spacer design can be reproduced.

COPAL knee moulds
COPAL knee moulds
COPAL knee moulds
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