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Avanteon® Hip System

Designed by surgeons | 5A* ODEP rating

Designed and developed utilising the combined knowledge and expertise of four Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons from the lower limb Arthroplasty Unit, Northern General Hospital, Sheffield, UK.

Design Rationale

The Avanteon® Hip System is based on the proven design principles of a double tapered, highly polished femoral stem used in conjunction with a cobalt chrome femoral head and UHMWPE flanged acetabular cup, which have provided excellent long term clinical outcomes in cemented total hip replacement. The Avanteon® Hip System is the first total hip replacement system to be included in the pilot phase of Beyond Compliance.

Avanteon® Hip System

Key Features - Stem

Four offsets (36, 38, 45, & 50mm)

Four offsets (36,38, 45, & 50mm) enabling restoration of hip joint biomechanics

14 size options

14 size options to best match implant to the patient (length range 128mm – 149mm)

Broad shoulder

Broad shoulder to ensure optimal cement mantle around greater trochanter guarding against rotation

125° CCD angle

126° CCD angle to replicate natural femoral anatomy Hip joint. OrthopaedicsOne Articles. In: Orthopaedics One – The Orthopaedic Knowledge Network

PMMA Distal centraliser with Tantalum marker

PMMA Distal centraliser with Tantalum marker providing datum to monitor stem subsidence within cement mantle

Avanteon® Stem
Avanteon® Cup

Key Features - Cup

Flexible flange

Flexible flange to conform with bone within the rim of the acetabulum and enable optimal cement pressurisation

X-ray marker

X-ray marker to identify cup positioning and monitor function post operatively

14 sizes

14 sizes to best match patient anatomy (40-44mm in 2mm increments, 48-60mm in 4mm increments)

Standard or long posterior wall

Standard or long posterior wall to accommodate surgeon preference

2mm markers

2mm markers on flange for accurate trimming and fit

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