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Axogaurd Nerve Connectors

Axogen Nerve Connectors

Axogen Nerve Connectors

semi-translucent coaptation aid designed for Connector-Assisted Repair® (CAR)
of transected nerves up to 5 mm

Axogen Nerve Connectors

Key Advantages:

CAR alleviates tension and inflammation at the critical zone of regeneration6,7

Disperses tension across repair site Moves suture inflammation away from coaptation

CAR is a clinically proven alternative to direct suture repair6

Reduces the risk of forced fascicular mismatch Aids alignment of nerve ends

Reduces the potential for axonal escape

Vascularizes and remodels

mall intestine submucosa (SIS) incorporates into the patient’s own tissue, creating a physical barrier to surrounding soft tissue6,8

Supports natural wound healing

Intra-operative versatility

Available in a variety of lengths and diameters to meet a range of anatomical needs

Reinforces the coaptation site of direct, graft, or cable graft repairs

Off-the-shelf option, stored at room temperature with a minimum 18-month shelf life

Axogen Nerve Connectors


Market Leader

Axogen Nerve Connectors 50%


Increased Likelyhood
of pain at the coaptation site when primary suture is used versus CAR with various conduits6

Porcine SIS Material

Porcine SIS Material

Meaningful recovery
offers excellent flexibility and is
semi-translucent compared to opaque competitive collagen products

Option for 0mm to 5mm

Options for 5mm to 70mm+

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