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FootMotion Forefoot Small

FootMotion Forefoot Small

Screws/Percutaneous Reamers/Staples


The implants of the Stand-Alone Screws range are intended for fractures fixation, osteotomies and arthrodeses of bones in adults and adolescents, appropriate for the size of the device.

FootMotion Forefoot Small


  • Serious vascular deterioration, bone devitalization,
  • Pregnancy
  • Acute or chronic local or systemic infections
  • Lack of musculo-cutaneous cover, severe vascular deficiency affecting the concerned area. • Insufficient bone quality preventing a good fixation of the implants into the bone,
  • Muscular deficit, neurological deficiency or behavioral disorders, which could submit the implant to abnormal mechanical strains
  • Allergy to one of the materials used or sensitivity to foreign bodies
  • Serious problems of non-compliance, mental or neurological disorders, failure to follow post-operative care recommendations
  • Unstable physical and/or mental condition.

A Comprehensive Range of Solutions for Forefoot

Safety Traceability

The whole range is available sterile and non-sterile.

Sterile Packaging

Non Sterile Packaging

Non Sterile Packaging Forefoot

In order to improve the traceability of non-sterile screws, a marker (provided with each screw, excepted snap-off screw) clearly indicates their batch number and length.

Staples Forefoot


Percutaneous Reamers

Percutaneous Reamers

Technical Features:

Self-Drilling Screws

The self-drilling extremity of all screws means that penetration is easier, whether the required angle correction is perpendicular or oblique to the bone.

FootMotion Forefoot Small Screws

Self Compressive Screws

Cylindro-conical shape

The cylindro-conical shape head allows a non-traumatic insertion of the screw into the cortical bone and optimal compression of the osteotomy or fracture reduction, thus avoiding any risk of splitting the cortical bone.

Distal thread

The length and depth of the thread have been optimized to maximize the area of contact with the bone, thus allowing perfect compression between both bone fragments.

Cannulated Screws

The 2.25 and 2.6/3.0 mm cannulated screws are guided by 0.8 and 1.0 mm pin . This makes their use easier for minimally invasive percutaneous surgery.

Ø 2,25 mm | Ø 2,6 mm | Ø 3,0 mm

Non-Cannulated Screws

2 types of non-cannulated screws:
– Weil screw, Ø2.0mm: self-tapping and self-drilling screws for Weil osteotomy.

Also available in snap-off screws.
– Chevron screw, Ø2.8mm : self- tapping and self-drilling screws for

Chevron osteotomy.

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